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    The Buyers Lab recently conducted their annual test called the Keypoint Challenge, showing KYOCERA products to be outstanding in their field.

    KYOCERA products passed with flying colours, scoring 10 out of 10 for colour quality, printing speed and low costs. The results highlight the reliability of the products in a range of aspects to ensure that products from across the brand’s range are able to stand the test of time and still produce high-quality results.

    “All of KYOCERA’s colour copiers demonstrated excellent reliability, with every device scoring 10 out of 10” noted George Mikolay, Associate Director for Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab. “With a low misfeed rate and zero service interventions required, KYOCERA colour copiers are designed to keep users productive.

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    TASKalfa 9002i chosen as the best MFP 90-ppm
    Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab have also recognised the KYOCERA TASKalfa 9002i as the Outstanding 90-ppm Copier MFP as part of the ‘Summer Pick Awards’ in respect of the product’s high-quality printing for up to 90 sheets per minute.

    Launched as recently as May 2018, the new model complements KYOCERA’s range by adding a monochrome A3 MFP for large quantity printing. The TASKalfa 9002i is most popular in the education, public sector, reprographics departments for large companies and other areas where reliability, speed and low cost are crucial.

    “The KYOCERA TASKalfa 9002i is a superior player from which mid-size to large businesses will certainly benefit,” said Mikolay. “Outstanding reliability and high quality, coupled with robust features and smooth integration with various productivity-enhancing, cost-saving, and security-boosting solutions through HyPAS enablement at a lower-than-average price result in an outstanding value.”

    About Keypoint Intelligence – Buyers Lab

    Keypoint Intelligence is a one-stop shop for the digital imaging industry. With our unparalleled tools and unmatched depth of knowledge, we cut through the noise of data to offer clients the unbiased insights and responsive tools they need in those mission-critical moments that define their products and empower their sales.

    For over 50 years, Buyers Lab has been the global document imaging industry’s resource for unbiased and reliable information, test data, and competitive selling tools. What started out as a consumer-based publication about office equipment has become an all-encompassing industry resource. Buyers Lab evolves in tandem with the ever-changing landscape of document imaging solutions, constantly updating our methods, expanding our offerings, and tracking cutting-edge developments.

    About Buyers Lab Reliability Awards

    As the leading independent authority on document imaging, Buyers Lab performs the most intensive durability testing in the industry, making a Buyers Lab Reliability award quite distinctive. Buyers Lab’s team of analysts evaluates test data from both the US and UK to determine the winners based on business-critical factors, including total tested impressions, number of misfeeds, and service interruptions.

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