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    HyPAS KYOCERA’s software development platform HyPAS (Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions) expands MFP core capabilities to simple touch-screen operations that address operational workflow needs. Leveraging this technology, KYOCERA devices help companies control costs, secure processes and gain the competitive edge.



    SmartScan enables users to scan documents easily and efficiently. It offers scanning to destinations, like e-mail or folders, and allows you to change scan settings such as the file format with a push of a button.

    Smart Scan

    SmartScan turns a MFP into a fax that connects to a company’s fax server – it does not need a costly network card or its own fax line. As it accesses a company’s address book, it simplifies and quickens the faxing process.



    Faxing from an MFP to external sources can often be a complicated process which takes a long time. With SmartFax, MFP faxing becomes fast & easy. The simple user interface on the MFP panel requires to input only the destination fax number – no need to enter anything else. Prefix, suffix and separators are automatically complemented when the fax is sent.


    Print&Follow SE

    With the HyPAS application Print&Follow, the MFP stores all print jobs on a central MFP server that all devices can access. Users can log in at any free device in their office to print documents, thereby avoiding print queues and increasing the security of data.




    It is a challenge for many organizations to provide frequently needed documents and forms in an efficient manner: they have to be always up-to-date, and quickly accessible by all relevant staff. Many organizations pre-print their forms and documents; however, the costs and environmental impact of throwing away unused or out-dated copies can be immense.

    KYOCERA QuickPrint offers a server-based solution for the management and printing of forms, templates, and other prefabricated predesigned documents.

    QuickPrint gives immediate access to documents from the MFP panel for direct printing.

    • Quick access to all needed documents and forms directly from the MFP panel
    • Easy to use – no computer skills required
    • Print settings can be changed in the application


    PinPoint Scan

    Pinpoint Scan makes scanning at the MFP more comfortable than ever. Once users log in at the device, the MFP connects to their PC and displays the scan destinations you previously defined: a folder, email address or an application supporting PDF files.

    PinPoint Scan

    Users can also browse the folders of their PC directly from the control panel of the MFP. The scanned data undergoes SSL encryption before being sent from the MFP to ensure its security during the whole scanning process.



    Cloud Connect allows access to personal cloud spaces directly from any HyPAS-enabled MFP. Access documents or upload files directly from your KYOCERA MFP.

    Cloud Connect connects to EvernoteTM or Google DriveTM accounts, acting as a bridge between storage space for documents and the MFP.

    Paper documents can be quickly and easily turned into digital files or the reverse with just one push of a button and without needing a computer.




    Colour Control allows companies to regulate access to color features and to control the cost of color documents. After installing the application, the multi-function system reports with an additional display.

    The administration of the cost centers can be determined exactly if and how much the customer may use the color features. If customers want to use only b / w functions, the entry of a cost center is dispensed with, since the b / w functionality is enabled for everyone. In this way, access and cost of color functions can be very simple and easy to control.

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