Document Management Solutions - Get New features and Reduce Overheads

A full Print Control System will reduce print output dramatically, usually saving 20% of annual print costs, which would usually be enough to pay for the system plus additional savings. 

Card Readers can be added to the machines, so you can sign in to collect print jobs using cards and or fobs. 

  • Cloud-based Options
  • Automated Workflow Processes
  • Permissions Control

  • Full Backups of Documents
  • Business Management Dashboard
  • OCR Scanning & Searching (GDPR Requirement)

Basic Document Management

Document Management sounds like it will be expensive and is only for large organisations.

This isn’t the case and in fact even small companies can benefit hugely from even the most basic and cost effective solution. To discuss what Document Management could mean for your business, why not just give us a call on 01268 627111 to discuss your options.

Key Features:

    • Systems can be server or cloud based
    • When scanning documents our systems will OCR the document, which means that it will read and remember key words, so that when you try to find the document in the future, you can simply search for any of the words in the document and it will appear on your screen.
    • Quickly find any document that you have stored on the system, providing you with instant remote access to your work world whenever you need it on the go.
    • Your team can have access to all or certain documents with permissions.
    • All your documents will be totally secure and very importantly backed up, so if your systems crash or your building has a fire, you will still have full access to your records.

Advanced Document Management

Workflow enables processes such as invoice management to be fully automated.

By sending all documentation through a watch folder, either via email or the scanner, our solutions can provide a dashboard of all outstanding invoices, email the invoice to the relevant Finance Manager, along with the POD and your original PO, so that you can confirm that the invoice is correct and ready for payment.

Key Features:

    • If more than one person is responsible for signing off, as the Finance Manager clicks the box to mark it ready for payment, all of the information will then automatically forward up the chain until final sign off has taken place.
    • There are many processes that can be automated, all having different members of the team with a partial responsibility for sign off.
    • All of these tasks can be seen on a dashboard, i.e. there are 100 new applications, 10 are not started, 30 are with the pre-contract team, 40 are with accounts to set up DD’s and 20 are pending final checks from management.
    • You can even see which staff are the most/least productive.
    • We all talk about a paperless office and to be sure it is some way off before we stop printing and copying documents.

Additional KJL Document Solutions Services

KJL offer full maintenance contracts when you purchase or lease new Printers and multi-functional devices. Our cost per page contracts are also very competitive and you only ever pay for the prints and copies that you have completed, quarterly in arrears at the agreed cost per page.

There are no volume commitments at any time, you only pay for the prints and copies that you use and scanning is free of charge. The cost per page will be competitive and will increase slightly each year, as the machine gets older. This will all be very clearly written on your service contract.