We provide a wide range of printers and multi-functional photocopiers to clients on a fully managed cost-per-print service that includes toners, parts and labour on a nationwide SLA from four hours to the next day, depending on your location.

We sell / lease and maintain Konica Minolta, Kyocera and Lexmark Hardware as well as a number of print control software solutions such as Papercut. 

All of our engineers are fully trained by the manufacturers, DBS checked and uniformed and will always be polite and courteous.

We encourage our clients to print less and offer support on various scanning and document management solutions. The paperless office isn’t here yet, but it’s on its way and coming fast, so we are ahead of the trend in adding value to our devices with apps and software options to reduce print and aid digital archiving.

Secured Document Printing Solutions

Secure Print adds real value to all types of organisation for many reasons and comes in many forms, some are free of charge, using the devices native technology and more complex systems are available that add additional benefits. We have provided a brief overview below, but feel free to get in touch if you want to discuss this with one of our consultants.

Print control systems can be added at any time and will work with the majority of machine brands.

Basic Secure Print

Most A4 and A3 Multi-Functional devices have the ability to receive documents securely to be held in the hard drive of the machine. You then walk to the machine, enter your unique code and your work will print out for you. Any jobs not collected can be deleted at a set time, such as each night at midnight for example.

Third Party Print Management Solutions

When you add a third party Print Management Solutions such as Papercut, Equitrac and Safecom, you are adding not just secure print, but a whole range of additional benefits for business. This includes the ability to actively find areas to reduce printing, educate and improve user print habits and is able to become more economically and environmentally sound.

Rules such as deleting duplicate prints from the print queue, forcing duplex, limiting colour by user or by department, or giving departments quotas or budgets can be a huge help when looking at how to reduce costs at all levels of business. Third party Print Management Solutions can automatically email reports showing usage by user and by department, actual costs, usage spikes and also providing compliance information (who printed what document and when).

Safe Com

What is Follow-me Printing?

“Follow Me” works by giving users the option to print from any device owned by the business, regardless of what office they are in or how they are setup within the system. This means users can work in multiple locations but still be able to access the closest printer.

How does it work?

Follow Me works by adding embedded software to each of the Multifunctional Devices and then when you print jobs, they sit securely on the print server in a que, waiting for the user to choose any machine they like to collect the print jobs from. The print jobs will follow the users around the building, so they can collect the jobs one at a time or in bulk, totally securely and should any jobs not be collected, they would be deleted.

Example of a Print Management Solution – 100+ Print Users

1 x Main Site Licence to create rules and reports with 100 AD Users (business) or a School with 500 AD users
6 x Embedded Licences to Create Secure “Follow Me” System on the A3 Machines
6 x Card Readers to use with your existing door cards or we can provide cards
Full Installation and Training

Lease Pricing:

Rent from just £116 per month (£1.16 per Month as a business / £0.23 per Month as a School)
plus VAT– subject to status

Meeting Environmental goals with KJL Document Solutions Services

KJL ensure that all installations meet rigorous environmental footprint standards.

We provide printers and hardware that help our clients reduce their impact on the environment by employing lower electrical consumption, long life components, recyclable materials for end of life recycling, reduced decibel ratings and most of all by reducing the amount of printing created in the first place by using software. Kyocera devices are also made using ceramic long life components.

The upside of using ceramic technology is that it heats up and cools down quickly, reducing the amount of power consumed and with service intervals of 300,00 to 500,000 prints between maintenance kits, it means less parts going to waste and less down time for our customers. Kyocera also are the largest manufactures in the world, with over 60,000 staff and also build Solar technology and are seen as an environmental pioneer. They also own one of the largest cloud solution providers with sites throughout the world, so we can even provide cloud based print servers and data storage.

Companies such as HP and the majority of other printer manufactures make their profits from the sale of toners and often sell the printers at a loss. The IT Buyer of Office Manager think they have had a great deal when they buy printers at ridiculous prices £50 to £300 just to find out later that the toners & consumables last 5 minutes and cost a fortune. You may be surprised to hear that most toners are made up of over 40 parts, many of which are non-recyclable and the actual space left for the ink is very small, hence why they don’t last very long and cost a lot to make.

Kyocera devices have all the crucial parts built into the machine, so when you add a new toner, it is made of 4 pieces of plastic and is full of ink. This makes them much cheaper to run that other brands and much kinder to the environment. When you change the toner in most machines, you are really replacing the engine, when you replace the toner in a Kyocera device, you are simply adding fuel!

Kyocera are a huge company as you would expect lead the way in terms of CSR and spend vast amounts of money on green initiatives, sharing best practice with other businesses. Please see the following link to Kyocera global CSR website. https://global.kyocera.com/ecology/index.html